Pain Management

"Your pain is an opportunity for you to learn about yourself" Gary Zukav

What is pain?

The International Association for the Study of Pain defines pain as, "An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage." It is common to see people withdraw from their daily activities as a way to protect, repair and heal the body. Good pain is there to tell you there is an issue; for example if you are a runner and you have pain in a leg that has a bad knee, this is an indication that you need to seek medical treatment whereas bad pain serves no purpose. In 2007, after a review of 13 studies, "The International Journal of Clinical Hypnosis found evidence for the efficacy of hypnosis in the reduction of chronic pain in many conditions." Hypnosis and imagery can be helpful for headaches, back pain, cancer pain, fibromyalgia, surgery, labor and childbirth, and dental pain.

What is the difference between acute and chronic pain?

Acute pain comes on suddenly without warning in emergency situations and may be the result of an accident or situation such as broken bones, cuts, burns, childbirth or dental issues. Chronic pain is ongoing whereby you have it now and quite possibly will have it in the future. Chronic pain can be the result of cancer, back pain, arthritis, headaches, fibromyalgia or neurogenic pain.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnosis can help lower the threshold of pain, and manage the pain that you have to help you have a healthier lifestyle which can result in a dramatic change in one's life.

Note: Some medical conditions require a doctors referral.