Stress and anxiety

Everyone of us experience stress or anxiety. In fact, it is a normal human response that we all go through in our lives. We can look at stress in a positive, functional way; it gets us up for a speech or performance or it can by dysfunctional and toxic and can affect us physically, spiritually and emotionally and intellectually.

David Spiegel, Stanford University's associate chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences explains the difference between stress and anxiety as follows: "While there is definite overlap between stress and anxiety, ultimately the two emotions come from two different places. With stress, we know what’s worrying us but with anxiety you become less aware of what you’re anxious about [in the moment] and the reaction becomes the problem. You start to feel anxious about being anxious. The key difference [between the two] is the sense of helplessness. When it comes to stress, you can deal with things and master them. By rolling up your sleeves and tackling that stress, you can feel less helpless.”

How can hypnosis and imagery help? Shelley Halpern can teach you tools and strategies to help lower the stress and anxiety such as self hypnosis, mindfulness skills such as breathing, de-sensitization and EFT.